Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Korean Company Chooses Manila Over Penang

Penang has lost a multi-billion ringgit investment because a South Korean company which had planned to open a plant in Batu Kawan, has now opted to go to Manila instead. The RM3.2bil plant, which would produce integrated circuits, would be opened in Clark, north of Manila in the Philippines. The firm’s decision could be influenced by the uncertainty of the second Penang Bridge.

An increase in infrastructure would certainly be helpful to the country’s economic growth. Due to the scarcity of resources, it is true, that not all government projects can be implemented. Therefore the federal government will have to make careful decisions and choose what is best for the people in the long run. However as the world economy is not in a boom period, it is only rational that the Korean firm’s best interest to make an investment that would bring the highest return on investment.

However the decision to not open a plant that produces integrated circuits in Batu Kawan should not be a problem to Penang’s economy. This is because in the business world there are other potential investors that might be interested in the state.

With the new chief minister Mr Lim Guan Eng at the helm of the new state government, it is definitely possible to attract more investors to invest in Penang.

Exposing Land Scam brings about Death threat

Death threat to Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng and his political secretary Ng Wei Aik for exposing land scams.

According to Mr Lim who feels it is right to get to the bottom of all these land scams, as it is of public interest. The public has the right to know how many land scams there are and how much money is lost," Lim said today. "We'll continue to dig, dig and dig up more land scandals," vowed Lim, who divulged to reporters at a press conference today about the threat contained in a letter which his office received last Thursday (Aug 22).

The anonymous letter came the day after the debate between Lim and his predecessor Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday (Aug 20).

As humans we are definitely not perfect, therefore mistakes will definitely take place. However mistakes made must be acknowledged and action taken to ensure such mistakes should not happen again in the future.

As a nation that is keen on becoming a first world nation, our leaders should not let our country be troubled by land scams, corruption, and nepotism. If that could not be done then Vision 2020 would forever remain a vision.